Gavi dall'alto

The best way to get to Gavi is to take the road from Novi. The visitor will not have to complain about the continuous succession of curves, climbs and descents: the background of the hills cultivated with vineyards transforms that ten kilometers into a trip with sweet flavors.
Gavi, capital of the Val Lemme, is a jewel of medieval origin with numerous testimonies of Romanesque art. On the mountain overlooking the town, the imposing seventeenth-century fortress stands out, of which we strongly recommend a visit.
Like Novi, Gavi also knows how to please the throat and palate of the visitor. Gavi is a refined white obtained from the vinification of cortese, with a fruity taste. Today it is a wine protected by the DocG brand and is appreciated all over the world, with massive exports especially in Germany, Great Britain, Holland and the United States.