The Monferrato is one of the most famous Italian wine regions, especially as regards the wines, it is included above all between the provinces of Asti and Alessandria and is a predominantly hilly area south of the Po towards the Ligurian Apennines. Its name is derived from several variables: from monx ferrax, mountain fertile, mun fra, ferro ferrato and mons ferratus, a spelled-grown mountain.

The Alto Monferrato, portion of the Monferrato area where the Tollu vineyards (Rocca Grimalda) are located, is a sub-area subdivided into three areas, each characterized by different environments, economies and cultures:

-Acqui Terme and its sourroundings: where the tradition of the Moscato and Brachetto vineyards, the cheeses and the thermal baths, as well as historical finds from the Roman era survive.

-Ovada and its sourroundings, with high hills painted in the various seasons by the colors of the vineyards of the famous Dolcetto d'Ovada (which not everyone knows can be a wine for the whole meal and not a sweet wine), restored medieval Castles and open to the public (one for each municipality), a still natural countryside, where in addition to crops there are still natural woods;

- the area of ​​Novi and Gavi: with gentle hills characterized by the famous Gavi DOCG vineyards that together with the centuries-old confectionery tradition of Novi Ligure.

Inside the Upper Monferrato Ovadese, we are from Tollu in a small valley of Rocca Grimalda, a town located on a Rocca (hence the name) where you can enjoy a full view of the Orba Valley.

The vine is cultivated on most of the territory of the municipality of Rocca Grimalda, which boasts 6 D.O.C. and a D.O.C.G. , in no particular order: Dolcetto di Ovada (both DOC and DOCG), Barbera del Monferrato, Cortese Alto Monferrato, Alta Langa, Monferrato (which stands out in Monferrato Freisa, Monferrato Dolcetto and Monferrato Chiaretto) and Piedmont (which stands out in Piedmont Chardonnay , Piedmont Barbera, Piedmont Bonarda, Piedmont Grignolino, Piedmont Cortese).

Il Monferrato è una delle più famose regioni vinicole italiane, soprattutto per quel che riguarda i vini, è compreso soprattutto fra le province di Asti e Alessandria ed è una zona prevalentemente collinare a sud del Po verso l'Appennino ligure. Il suo nome è ricavato da diverse variabili: da monx ferrax, monte fertile, mun fra, mattone ferrato e mons ferratus, monte coltivato a farro.