A jewel set between Monferrato and the Asti area, Acqui was founded by the tribe of Ligurian Statielli when the power of Rome was still confined to central Italy. Conquered by the Capitoline weapons, the city enjoyed considerable fortune thanks to its thermal waters. The fate of Acqui, in fact, has always been linked to this characteristic: the symbol of the city is today represented by the Bollente, an octagonal fountain built in 1870 and from which sulphurous water at 75 ° flows.
The evidence of antiquity is found in the Roman aqueduct, still clearly visible today at the city gates, the clearest and most important example.
The historical center has experienced in the last decade an intense valorization work that has led to its almost complete restoration.

About 30 minutes from the Agriturismo Cascina Tollu is an excellent excursion to spend a day in the surroundings.