In a secret valley, in the heart of the Alto Monferrato Ovadese where the Rio Maggiore flows (in Armasù dialect) you will find the Agriturismo Cascina Tollu.

The goal at Cascina Tollu is to make you enjoy our countryside, fortunately still authentic, in the relaxation of simple family hospitality.

The home cooking (cook Sonia, the grandmother) offers a fixed menu composed from time to time according to the seasonal ingredients and the inspiration of the Grandmother.

As an example, below is a brief summary of the dishes you might find from us


Vitello Tonnato

Fried vegetables of the green garden

Leek and cheese cupcakes

Tonno di Coniglio

Russian salad

Peppers with bagna caoda sauce

Vegetables cake

Knife cutted raw meat

Meatball with pumpkin sauce

And the list continue...


Ravioli, with meat sauce or brasato, butter or into the wine (local tradition)

Tagliatelle, with meat sauce or butter as well as with truffle (in season)

Chestnut Tagliatelle

Lasagne oven cooked with meat sauce or pesto (a Ligurian recipe)

Gnocchi semolina with sausages and leeks

Soups with season ingredients from the green garden

And list continue...


Guinea fowl cooked into clay

Male hen prepared into a brick bowl (Terracotta)

Turkey with chestnuts

Rabbit (with leeks or olive)